At 18, Judy Siegle experienced one such moment when a drunk driver sped through a stop sign, crashing into her car and shattering her plans of playing college basketball. She went from anticipating college and a bright future to facing life in a wheelchair.

But Judy never gave up and never limited herself. She found a way to walk across the stage to receive her college diploma. She went on to earn her master’s degree in social work, laying the foundation for a highly decorated 20 year health care career. Judy also went on to become one of the world’s elite wheelchair racers, including participation in the 1996 and 2000 Paralympics and to holding four national records in track events for quadriplegic women.

Judy has “courageously turned personal tragedy into professional success” (Harry Argue, CAE, President and CEO), cultivating an attitude of impact that has touched thousands of lives world-wide as a motivational speaker. She continues to challenge audiences to refuse to be bystanders in their own lives. Her life example and her professional experience combined with an engaging speaking style allow Judy to captivate audiences with practical and powerful tools that unlock the champion within.

Judy is the author of Living Without Limits: 10 Keys to Unlocking the Champion in You. Judy believes that the most powerful life-changing moments occur when individuals choose to live lives of impact, continuing to give their all when others feel like giving up. Countless youth, executives, health care professionals, athletes, volunteers and individuals affected by disability attribute part of their current life and business strategies to the tools gained from this powerful speaker and author.

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